Watch: Hugh Jackman shares epic throwback video of his priceless moment with a ‘Wolverine’ fan | Hindi Movie News

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman proved that it doesn’t have to always be #WolverineWednesday to share some epic fan videos.

Those following the star on his social media handle, were in for a pleasant surprise when he shared a throwback video of his epic interaction with a hard-core Wolverine fan at a concert. The incident that reportedly took place in October 2019, was shared online once again by fans and went viral after the actor shared the clips on his Instagram stories.

The clip features Jackman, with drumsticks in his hands, charging up the audience by making his signature Logan pose. An ecstatic fan, wearing a Wolverine tee was in for a pleasant surprise as the actor walked up to him and filmed a special clip for him on his phone. He was even seen reaching down to hug the man before heading back on the stage.

Watch the video below:

Jackman has always been publicly gracious of his fans for supporting him, whether it’s for his role as Wolverine or his hit musical shows.

Hugh Jackman set a Guinness World Record for portraying the famed Marvel comic book character – The Wolverine, for 16 years and 228 days.

He shares the title with his co-star Patrick Stewart who has been playing Professor X for the same amount of time.

Hugh’s last appearance as Wolverine was in the 2017 film, ‘Logan’.


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