Testing positive for Coronavirus to fallout with Dr Zeus – When Kanika Kapoor hit headlines

A few years back Kanika Kapoor had a massive fallout with UK based singer Dr Zeus. While he accused Kanika of not crediting him for her hit song ‘Baby Doll’, Kanika in her version stated that he had fooled her and taken 40,000 pounds from her. In an interview with Bombay Times, Kanika had revealed, “For Dr Zeus to say that I am the producer of the song is bullshit. What made me more angry was that he had taken 40,000 pounds from me and wasted my time. At least when I was married, I had the money, but he knew about my downfall and knew that this album could have got me work. But even then, he wasted my time and did not make any songs for me. He fooled me and then he turned around to me and said that his manager Vivek Nair had taken all that money and left. So, he was sorry and that he couldn’t t make the album. I thought he is wrong. He had taken white money from me. Then without my permission, he took my voice, put my name on iTunes and sold my song Jugni without my consent and made money on it. He is a complete cheat in your face. He thought this girl is so weak anyways what will she do to me. So I have nothing to do with him now. He had cheated me at my lowest and I know that God will punish him someday.”


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