What happens when you eat potatoes every day?

What happens when you eat potatoes every day?

Did you know that potatoes were discovered as late as the 15th century by Spanish rulers? Before that, they were grown by Indica Indians in Peru in 8,000BC. We wonder how the world was surviving all this time without a vegetable that has now become the king of all vegetables! The Irish people also started cultivating potatoes to replace other fibre-rich grains like wheat and maize because they are more fulfilling and easier to grow, especially when the population is booming at a high pace. In today’s time, potatoes have become one of the most loved vegetables of all times as they have given us some of the best snacks and meals. From French fries to potato mash to a simple jeera aloo sabzi, potatoes never disappoint. If there is one thing that we potato lovers have wished for at least once in our lives, that is to be able to eat potatoes every day without gaining weight. But what would happen if we ate potatoes every day? Let’s find out:

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