Connected compliance for home care providers

The right home care software and the right technology partner can make a big difference to providers. Australian aged care and disability providers can simplify their care management by empowering their staff and giving ageing Australians the support they need to live the life they choose.

The complex framework and regulatory requirements of managing Home Care Package (HCP) service delivery requires an integrated, purpose-built solution to equip providers with the tools they need to navigate the complexities.

According to Lumary — a leading healthcare software solution and technology service partner for Australia’s aged care and disability sectors — organisations need a single cloud-based tool to efficiently maintain compliance and facilitate greater choice and control for their clients.

Connected compliance

Managing home care service delivery can seem complicated and overwhelming at times for providers. The heavily regulated environment of the HCP program, meeting Aged Care Quality Standards and complying with legislative requirements is a significant consideration for providers.

As existing regulations are clarified or new ones are added, HCP providers need to change the way they manage regulatory changes to ensure they remain compliant. With the right software solution in place, providers can achieve what is known as connected compliance, enabling them to be more agile in responding to both existing and future regulations.

Connected compliance allows providers to optimise their compliance processes and centrally manage the entire client lifecycle on a single system. Using one software tool for the end-to-end process removes data silos, boosts productivity and improves overall compliance accuracy and consistency.

Whether it’s government fees or providers’ own pricing schedule, manually entering data is time-consuming for providers and often leads to errors. The best HCP software will manage and update government fees to streamline the billing process, lessen the burden of manual updates and ensure HCP organisations remain compliant.

Lumary understands how important this is. That is why experienced industry experts work in-house at the digital health company to ensure its software is automatically updated for providers to meet mandated requirements. These knowledgeable members of the Lumary team stay on top of industry changes and price updates, allowing organisations to optimise their compliance processes and accurately forecast and monitor package funding.

The value of a technology partner

Regal Home Health, a Sydney-based home care provider, understands first-hand the challenges this industry faces without the appropriate software.

“Prior to implementing Lumary, the manual work involved in managing our Home Care Package program was huge and very inefficient,” says Danielle Knowles, Executive Manager, Aged Care at Regal Home Health.

“It was labour-intensive and non-productive for both our operations and finance team.”

“The Lumary team were great to work with. They understood our business and made custom changes to accommodate our market differences.”

Regal Home Health has experienced many remarkable benefits since adopting an industry-specific solution and operating from a single source of truth.

“Lumary has improved and changed our whole program — meeting our legislative compliance is far easier, the documentation we provide our clients is far more professional and consumer-centred, and the financial reporting available to us now has increased productivity immensely,” says Ms Knowles.

Designed hand-in-hand with aged care and NDIS providers, Lumary’s end-to-end care management software is purpose-built for healthcare organisations. Lumary is trusted by over 160 Australian care delivery organisations to transform the way they manage home care. From initial implementation with an in-house delivery team and a dedicated account manager to a customer success team and 24/7 help centre, Lumary is more than just a technology provider — they are a tech partner.

Connect with Lumary to understand how your organisation can operationally transform using expert-led care management software designed to support providers to maintain compliance and deliver more person-centred care.

Image credit: Lumary

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