Dwyer Series RSME Room Status Monitor

The Series RSME Room Status Monitor is designed for low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming.

It can be configured to monitor positive or negative pressure in clean rooms, hospital isolation rooms, laboratories and vivariums. The RSME is a complete system with a touchscreen graphical user interface which enables access to pressure, humidity, temperature, air change, security, door status, calibration and alarm set-up.

The graphical display colour changes allow a clear determination of when the parameters are operating within the acceptable range (green), caution range (yellow) or have gone outside the acceptable operating range (red). The RSME room status monitor comes standard with BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU communications.

Each RSME includes a factory calibration certificate. The monitor is suitable for use in hospital isolation rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, dental offices and school nurse offices.

For more information: https://www.dwyer-inst.com/Product/Pressure/RoomStatusMonitors/SeriesRSME.

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