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Many warlocks and witches are actively involved in Latvia’s politics, the witch insists

Latvian MP Nataļja Marcenko-Jodko has hired a prominent local witch and ‘healer’ as her aide, official data on the website of the country’s parliament – the Saeima – shows. Her name is Sanita Petere, but she is more commonly known as the “White Witch.”

Latvian media outlets reached out to the witch herself for comment, with Petere insisting that the country’s parliament was just the right place for a woman in her line of business.

“Can’t a witch be in the Saeima?” she said. “I think we are very important and useful in politics,” adding that many of her ‘colleagues’ are actively involved in the political life of the country.

The witch is no stranger to politics herself. She ran for parliament in the most recent polls, but failed to get elected, and was even previously nominated for the welfare minister role by the For Stability! party.

Petere is best known in the country as a self-styled healer and a lithotherapy practitioner. The ‘therapy’, also known as ‘crystal healing’, is an alternative-medicine practice that uses various semiprecious stones and crystals to purportedly transform a body’s aura, flushing out bad energy and replacing it with the good kind.

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