Getinge Flow-i anaesthesia machine

The Getinge Flow-i is an anaesthesia machine offering innovative Automatic Gas Control (AGC) and strong ventilation performance, suitable for specialised procedures such as paediatric and thoracic surgery. It has an ergonomic, height-adjustable version and a ceiling-mounted model suitable for the Hybrid OR.

The Flow-i anaesthesia machine is said to provide effective, personalised and cost-efficient care. All to meet the needs of operating rooms that treat the most challenging patients. Features include: ventilation performance to ICU standards; effective low-flow anaesthesia with Automatic Gas Control; MAC Brain for improved control of depth of anaesthesia; active hypoxia prevention with O2Guard; and lung recruitment manoeuvres to prevent postoperative complications1.

Automatic Gas Control (AGC) is said to make low-flow anaesthesia delivery effective. It offers FIO2 target control, prediction tool, speed selection and has no manual adjustments.

For more precise control of depth of anaesthesia, Getinge created MAC Brain — a tool that visualises the difference in agent concentration between the lungs and the target organ, the brain.

Innovative Flow Core Technology is designed to promote efficient agent usage, providing the power and precision to ventilate challenging patients.

A recent study shows that the unique Automatic Gas Control (AGC) in Flow-i anaesthesia machine, which can help reduce sevoflurane wastage by up to 58%2, is a sustainable and economic approach without compromising patient safety3.

With low-flow anaesthesia, a lower amount of anaesthetic agent is released into the environment, helping to reducing the impact of fluorocarbons and nitrous oxide on the ozone layer, thus reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on Getinge’s Anaesthesia solutions, or to read the AGC case study, click here.

1 2021 Yassen K.A et al. Respiratory and hemodynamic effects of prophylactic alveolar RM during liver transplant

2 AGC versus Low Gas Flow Anaesthesia (2L per minute FGF)

3 Kalmar AF, Van Der Vekens N, De Rydt F, Allaert S, Van De Velde M, Mulier J. Minimizing sevoflurane wastage by sensible use of automated gas control technology in the flow-i workstation: an economic and ecological assessment. J Clin Monit Comput. 2022 Jan 3. doi: 10.1007/s10877-021-00803-z. Epub ahead of print. Erratum in: J Clin Monit Comput. 2022 Feb 14;: PMID: 34978655.

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