Getinge Maquet Yuno II Operating Table

The Maquet Yuno II operating table is suitable for orthopaedic, traumatology and neurology procedures.

The increasing prevalence of minimally invasive techniques in orthopedics and neurology requires a table that effectively accommodates complex positioning and supports intraoperative imaging.

Additionally, hospitals need a table that is easy and flexible to set up and handle in unpredictable trauma cases, facilitating fast help for the patient, day or night. The Maquet Yuno II surgical table supports a variety of positions, bringing the benefits of MIS to patients of various sizes. A newly developed carbon fibre bar with ball joint can be moved both horizontally and vertically for optimal surgical access. When paired with the screw tension device, which enables fine tractions of 12 mm per turn of the handle, the surgeon has the precision needed for optimal outcomes.

The Maquet Yuno II can be configured for any discipline and used in conventional or minimally invasive procedures, increasing options and maximising the functionality of the operating room. Easy handling ensures that the Maquet Yuno II operating table will simplify positioning for even the most complex techniques.

When trauma patients arrive in the emergency department, there’s no time to lose. Night or day, OR must be ready. With the flexible Maquet Yuno II Operating Table, it’s easy to configure the table to meet the needs of the procedure and surgeon, even with limited staff on call.

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