LINAK LCi Communication Interface

The LINAK Communication Interface (LCi) is a communication protocol designed to unlock the digital potential of healthcare businesses. It offers advanced communication with LINAK OpenBus control boxes.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of medical devices can now develop flexible solutions with LINAK systems to optimise the healthcare workflows and improve the lives of nurses, doctors and service technicians.

Key benefits include the ability for OEMs to pull information from and send commands to LINAK control boxes over a wired or wireless interface.

Plus, OEMs can easily pull live system status information to quickly identify systems that require troubleshooting, cleaning, servicing or have notifications such as low battery — or pair to Bluetooth to allow authorised users to access vital information.

OEMs have the flexibility with LCi to develop their own system commands, allowing further customisable actuator control.

LCi is the framework for communication with LINAK control boxes, thus OEMs have full control over the customisation of their integration allowing them to develop the right tool or product.

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