Looking for dirty utility room solutions?

Why there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and how you can create a functional space that supports your facility.

Every facility is unique. Despite common standards for design inclusions and safe practice, there’s a veritable ‘laundry list’ of factors that influence how our dirty utility room (DUR) space functions each day. Everything from patient care requirements, through to your staff needs, as well as the physical layout and design of your facility.

Not only this, but with the ongoing need for vigilance regarding cross-contamination and infection prevention, the demand for a high standard in the DUR is of paramount concern to every health and aged care facility.

In short, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach for DUR design.

That’s why Malmet, with a long industry track record, offers custom solutions tailored to your facility size and layout, patient care needs, and your unique workflow. With a range of dedicated and dual purpose washer disinfectors, we can work with you to design a space and determine the ideal equipment for your facility’s DUR.

Want flexibility?

The option of a selection of two or more dedicated washer disinfectors allows greater flexibility for your workflow.

The ES-D washer disinfector provides a dedicated option for decontaminating bedpans and urine bottles. If utensils processing is required, the ES-D can be paired together with either a top or front loading utensil washer disinfector to ensure dedicated options are available for a variety of reusable devices, with each machine offering programme options specific to the items your staff use everyday.

With dedicated machines, your facility can take advantage of optimised processing speeds, as well as the flexibility of specialised machines adding functionality between wards or work spaces.

If your facility is looking for dedicated processing and flexibility across workspaces or wards, a unique combination of washer disinfectors may be an ideal option.

Want to maximise space?

Not every facility has the luxury of additional space in the DUR, so if you’re looking to maximise limited available space, the dual purpose WDS series washer disinfector is a potential solution. As a large capacity machine, your DUR throughput capacity will also be increased — so your facility can keep up with the demands of a busy patient load.

The WDS is equipped with unique programmes to cater for bedpans, urine bottles or utensils. Device-specific programmes cater for each category of item, which ensures that ward equipment is processed according to its type. Simply choose the appropriate cycle for the items inside (i.e. bedpans and bottles, utensils) and these will be processed accordingly. And with the added benefit of the self-decontamination function, you can be assured that the machine will be cleaned internally as items inside are processed — a reassuring standard for all Malmet washer disinfectors.

For the facility that is looking for efficiency, increased throughput capacity and optimised DUR space, the WDS is an effective dual purpose machine.

Self-decontamination for infection prevention:

We understand that infection prevention is essential to every facility’s operations, which is why we design with your needs in mind. Every Malmet washer disinfector is designed to provide high level disinfection that ensures compliance with the relevant requirements in the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standard for Preventing and Controlling Healthcare-Acquired Infection.

Malmet washer disinfectors not only clean and disinfect the reusable devices placed inside, you can also rest assured that our washer disinfectors will perform a self-decontamination on every cycle. So whatever machine configuration you choose, there is no risk of cross-contamination between devices, with clean machines every cycle.

A solution for every setting

We’ve walked countless hospital and healthcare hallways over our 50+ years in business, so whatever your DUR needs, we can bring experienced, creative ideas that support the highest quality patient care in your setting.

For more information: https://www.malmet.com.au/washer-disinfectors.

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