Self sign-up for cancer software allows ‘try before you buy’

Self sign-up for cancer software allows 'try before you buy'

Australian digital health company EpiSoft has announced the launch of a new self sign-up option for its EpiSoft Cancer software, which will allow potential customers to ‘try before they buy’.

EpiSoft Cancer is a modularised application with features that include chemotherapy drug administration management, electronic medical record and administrative management.

A key feature of the product is it provides customers with access to the latest evidenced-based treatments from the NSW Cancer Institute (eviQ), allowing clinicians to prescribe new treatments as they become available. This eliminates the need to have highly specialised resources maintaining databases of treatments and medicines, freeing up resources for other tasks.

The development of the self sign-up module was partially funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science and Resources through the Boosting Female Founders Initiative. The program aims to enable female-founded businesses to scale up and expand into domestic and global markets.

The cloud-based software is used by oncology clinics, hospitals and hospital in the home providers across Australia and can be tailored to meet the needs of an array of medical workflows and business models.

“Being cloud-based has enabled us to capitalise on the niche markets of smaller, independent medical facilities. We can deploy our software without many of the overheads associated with traditional medical software, making it an accessible option for centres that previously could not afford specialised medical software” explained EpiSoft CEO Jenny O’Neill.

“With our new self sign-up option, healthcare organisations can start enjoying the benefits of EpiSoft almost instantaneously,” O’Neill said.

“EpiSoft already has a strong presence in the Australian market but the launch of self sign-up enables us to market to a much wider audience here and overseas.”

EpiSoft’s low-cost subscription model is based on the number of treatments provided and aims to be affordable to organisations of all sizes and capacities.

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