Whiteley Bactol Range Hand Sanitisers and Moisturisers

Modern healthcare workers understand that regular hand hygiene has never been so important. Increased hygiene frequency can cause dry, cracked skin which compromises skin integrity.

Bactol Sanitisers can help alleviate this problem in two ways. Firstly, by delivering the right type and amount of cleaning agent for each hand hygiene application. Secondly, every Bactol product is enhanced with emollients that help keep skin soft, smooth and healthy.

The Bactol range of products is fully Australian made; the result of decades of research and development, including extensive feedback from healthcare workers and facilities.

The Bactol range includes Bactol Clear, Bactol Blue, Bactol 2% CHG and Bactol Moisturiser.

For more information: https://www.whiteley.com.au/bactol-product-range/.

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